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Dr. Ulrike Egger


Dr. Ulrike Egger


Interpreters ensure that multi-lingual communication can take place in meetings, conferences and during company tours, in which participants of various nationalities and mother tongues take part. In addition to an absolute command of the language, competent interpreters have acute hearing, a pleasant voice, a professional manner and the ability to analyse, put complex subject matter into context and translate contents into the relevant target language. Good interpreting is when listeners do not realise that communication is actually indirect.

In addition to the competence and professional manner of an interpreter, his/her personality plays a very important role in consecutive interpreting, interpreting for negotiations and on business trips, for the interpreter is in the midst of happenings and is not only perceived as a voice in the background. The atmosphere that an interpreter creates through his/her very presence can also have a major impact on the success of your event.

All the colleagues I work with have a relevant university degree and are top professionals who make exacting demands on quality and have many years of professional experience.



The interpreter translates the spoken word more or less simultaneously. Simultaneous interpreters work in teams of at least two persons who take turns after approx. 30 minutes. A sound-proof interpreting booth and the appropriate technical equipment are required for simultaneous interpreting. Input for listeners is via headsets.
ADVANTAGE: No time lost


The interpreter takes notes while the speaker is holding his presentation and translates the spoken word into the target language after the speaker has finished.
ADVANTAGE: No technical equipment is required
DISADVANTAGE: Considerably more time is needed


These forms of interpreting frequently require a combination of both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting is done in the form of whisper interpreting or “chuchotage” in that the interpreter translates more or less simultaneously but without the technical equipment. This is only possible for a maximum of two listeners.
• What is the procedure for an INTERPRETING JOB?

  • We will advise you as to what form of interpreting is best for your event
  • We will put together a qualified team of interpreters
  • We work closely with competent suppliers of technical equipment and will get customised quotes for technical equipment for you
  • We will compile a quote for interpreting services for your event
  • The interpreters will familiarise themselves with the specialist field of your event on the basis of the information and documentation that you can provide
  • If requested, we will go through the key messages that you would like to get across to listeners in a briefing before the event so that the interpreters can convey these messages in an optimal manner
  • We will render the interpreting services that you require at your event